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Utility loaders, excavators, scissor lifts, booms, and Bobcats® are all available to rent from Expert Rentals in O'Fallon, Missouri. Your needs are the top priority of our equipment rental company.

Toro Dingo Compact Utility Loader

This is a great piece of equipment for projects requiring moving or spreading of earth and other materials where damage to lawns must be minimized. Its narrow footprint (33.7") allows you to enter areas through 3' fences, eliminating take down. Sure beats a shovel and wheelbarrow for major projects!

Yanmar VIO35/55 Zero Tail Swing Excavators

These excavators provide the ability to turn the cab within the confines of the footprint of the machine providing a safety and limited accidental damage to nearby structures. This also allows you access to more jobs and do less damage to sites.

Yanmar SV08 Mini Excavator

This excavator works great in places where you can not fit a larger machine. The narrow width allows it to fit into small places while still providing enough power. It also has a breaker that can be mounted on it for those small demolition projects.

SkyJack Compact DC Electric Scissor Lifts

These lifts are the workhorse of the industry and provide you the ability to work 19' in the air with quiet electrical power with smooth tires. Makes working on ceilings a breeze. No moving scaffolding or ladders. Get your job done faster. Capable of moving in tight spaces.

ASV PT-30 Compact TrackLoader

This compact trackloader features more wheels providing improved weight distribution to minimize damage to sensitive areas. Unit is 48" wide. A wide range of attachments are available including buckets, rakes, pallet forks, brush cutters, and mowers.

Bil-Jax 5533A Boom

This lift makes the extension ladder a thing of the past. The boom can reach a height of 61' and is mounted on its own trailer. This boom makes getting to high places safe and easy. The boom is battery powered, and the basket is rated for 500 lbs. of weight.

Bil Jax 45X Boom

This is a 45" drivable boom lift that can be loaded on a trailer and pulled behind a pickup truck. This unit is 4-wheel-drive and only weighs 4800 lbs. The four automatic leveling outriggers make this a stable machine. It has a platform height of 45. It is powered by either a gas engine or on board batteries.
Contact us today in St Peters, Missouri, to request more information about renting a scissor lift, boom, or Bobcat®.